"I like her. She makes life interesting. She, herself, is interesting, I suppose. She talks right from the heart. I appreciate her frankness and I like the fact that she doesn’t force the natural flow of a conversation. There’s personality in her words. She thus gets to the core of things and that’s important because with her — I can talk knowing that the talk is real! Oh believe me, it’s amazingly real! And she also gives me the opportunity to listen as fully and completely as possible. And I can’t seem to get her out of my head […]" — Virginia Woolf, from Selected Letters
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My other pieces for SOFT, our show at the Melbourne Fringe this weekend.

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Click here to watch Jon Stewart react to President Obama’s planned military action in Iraq.

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Library stamps (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

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"You will have bad times, but they will always wake you up to the stuff you weren’t paying attention to." — Robin Williams, Good Will Hunting (1997)

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I hate how a majority believe that when a girl’s silent she’s

falling apart

crying inside

over thinking




she’s just picturing porn in her head

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don’t stare at the moon too long or else you’ll remember that nothing in this stupid fucking world makes sense

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Hey, man, like it or not, we are not like other people.

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15 of the Best Tweets About the Apple Watch

At Apple’s annual “Here’s The New Phone That Will Instantly Turn Your Current Phone Into A Worthless Paperweight” conference, the tech giant announced a new product in their line of touchable-screens: the Apple Watch. It’s pretty much exactly what you think it is, but if you need more information, try googling “Apple Watch” and enjoy the thousands and thousands of tech blog posts desperate to explain it to you.

The real best part of any Apple announcement, however, are people making fun of it over social media. Click here to read more of the best reactions to the newest piece of wearable tech!

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Jimmy and Glenn Close compete to see who can eat the most!

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Hi, there! My name is Lynn and I'm 24. I‘m a reasonably crazy fangirl, an unreasonably crazy photo junkie. I'm also a neat freak who's in love with all the beautiful things.

♥ Best Fucking Show EVER ↓
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
♥ Seth Meyers, Jimmy Fallon, and Stephen Colbert (I love almost all sorts of comedy stuff)
♥ TV Series
Breaking Bad, Scrubs, Parks and Rec, Criminal Minds, House M.D., Supernatural, etc
♥ Andy Murray (Maybe I'm a FAKE tennis fan but REAL Andy Murray fan)
♥ Goran Dragić and Dwyane Wade (I watch some NBA games too)
♥ Foster the People

my BFF/cuddle buddy is freaking awesome